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Some EC reports are talking of an incredible huge amount of Non Recyclable scrapped marine vessels sank or simply left abandoned in the sea and litorals. The Crossfire composite technology offers a Green solution to the problem, by the realization of Variable Profile Structural Sandwiche Bodies with Crosspreg® and PET cores. The result is a Lighter and Fully recyclable body than the current in thermoset GFRP. Another advantage is the absence of contaminants released in the water during its operative life. From the industrial point of view, the Crossfire technology grants the necessary low cost, serial production, by Isothermal Press Molding in a healthy, no solvents, environment for the workers.

The sandwiches variable profile technology grants a simple process to shape variable thicknesses in a flat or shaped sandwich, without pre machining of the core PET foam. This is warranty of the highest repeatability, part to part, to a fast and easy, low manpower, process.

Marine boards, like Surf, Sup, Kite-surf as structural , with a wide set of aesthetical finishings, panels for vessel, etc. are just a beginning toward the realization of big molds to run a complete body in a single shot.

Crossfire takes care of supporting the design of highly automated productive lines