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The need of weight reduction to comply with a reduced CO2 emission is stressing the market ; Crossfire will be your Partner in addressing your R&D and in offering you an Applicative Development Service by: 

  • The expert overview and analisys of your need (in case we can offer also a complete Engineering Service, FEM, etc );

  • The selection and choice of the best Solution in terms of Process and Raw Materials:

    – Our Processes are driven by high and very high productive throughput;
    – Our Processes are driven by the most integrated solutions with the target to single step solutions;
    – Our Processes are offering the highest integration with IMPC (in mold powder coating);
    – Our Raw Materials choice represents the most advanced solutions either in the pure thermoplastic and in the reactive hybrid resins. All of them VOCs free and Recyclable.  

  • The production of small pre series:

    – Small scale and real size preseries;

  • The Technology transfer and Startup support:
    – By full assistance in the design of the productive line;
    – By full assistance in its startup;
    – By full assistance in the Total Quality Controls setting.