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Crossfire S.r.l. is an Applied R&D Laboratory dedicated to the Development and Industrialisation of Lightweight Recyclable and Environmental Friendly structural Parts and Components by Innovative Composites Technology . Crossfire is focusing the usage of Recycled/Recyclable raw materials either on proprietary technology and outsourced. The Technologies, tailored at Crossfire, are driven by the lowest CO2 footprint, the lowest Energy consumption and no emissions. In a few years time, went creating a property Technological Know How capable to self produce and tune the key Raw Materials on the final applications.

Crossfire, a very innovative enterprise, to turn your Green dream for a cleaner world, into reality!


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CROSSFIRE is the Applicative R&D interface between you, the final users of the lightweight articles, and the lightweight raw materials producers, by bringing you feasible (technically and economically) solutions from your ideas and needs.

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"The bitter of a defeat will be sweeter than the hake of not having tried."
Clodoaldo Silva, paralimpic champion.

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