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CrossFire Light Weight Solutions

The Composite articles developed and made at Crossfire, are totally Solvent Free and not releasing any VOC. The end life parts, as their production scraps,  based on both Crosspreg® and Tricap® are recyclable by mechanical grinding and further compounding in thermoplastic polymers for further injection usage. Even sandwiches made by Crosspreg® or Tricap® and PET core, can be recycled by grinding as a whole without separation of the components. This Recyclability aspect went tested and demonstrated at the partner chemical company Samyang Corp R&D Laboratory (statement available on request).

Crosspreg® is a reactive prepreg but stable at RT with a very long shelf life

Crosspreg® and Tricap® productions are low energy consuming and, consequently, very price competitive; both are industrially produced.                                                

The Crosspreg® and Tricap® main driver is the high serial production by Isothermal Press Molding. The transformation time can be from seconds to minutes, consequently, this transformation technology, is also low energy demanding.

Crosspreg® and Tricap® represent the Green Answer to the traditional Steel technology, high energy demanding from the creation of the raw material to its final transformation.

Crosspreg® and Tricap® allow the lightweighing of structural parts without compromising about  its mechanical specifications. Furthermore, given the engineeering of the Crosspreg® and Tricap® fibers direction in a not isotropic way, the FEM design of a part gets driven by the real stress direction and intensity.

Products made by Crosspreg® and Tricap® comply with 3 fundamental needs:

  • Made by Low Capital Intensive lines;
  • Scale up economy to Highly Competive Finished Products, in terms of cost compared to the steel based;
  • Light Articles, strong for a long, no rust, life, as or more than the current standards (Structural panels for building, furnitures, containers, shaped articles, marine, etc).

Crossfire Services

Crossfire develop and startup new technologies on internal ideas and on Customer’s ideas. Crossfire offer Consultancy about the Composite technologies and their usage; project, develop and test the new prototypes internally made to verify and measure the required mechanical and finishing characteristics to fully match the customer.

Crossfire support the customer in the choice and planning of their Production lines, depending on the final required throughput.

Crossfire is honoured of the partnership with Ormamacchine S.p.A., Leader producer of Hydraulic Presses, capable to support Crossfire in the Customer lines design and customising to their most efficient configuration.